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Many investors wanting good opportunities are continuing to seek offshore, island properties especially in locations that have an already established pattern of success.

The high end Turks and Caicos beachront condomininium market is found mostly along Grace Bay beach in Providenciales where one can currently buy a studio apartment in a beachfront resort for as little as $229,000.

There are no land taxes in Turks and Caicos, so once the property is purchased and the stamp duty paid, there are no further costs. One can hold the land investment for future capital gain, (there are no capital gains taxes in TCI either) or one can hold the land for building retirement home in the future.

Turks and Caicos Islands, being a British Dependent territory has registry office that details any mortgages, rights of way or charges on title. Upon registration, title is guaranteed by the Crown.

North Caicos is a one minute boat ride from Parrot Cay where many well known celebrities vacation - Keith Richards, Bruce Willis, Donna Caron etc... Right now only about 1,800 people live on this island of North Caicos and although beachfront will cost about $500,000, an acre of waterfront with ironshore is available for as little as $250,000.

Middle Caicos has a population of about 275 people. It is perhaps the most beautiful of the Caicos Islands with subterranean caves and dramatic views of the turquoise water. Beachfront acreage here is available there for under $400,000.

The current turmoil in the world economy and especially in the United States has created unbelievable opportunities for investment here in Turk and Caicos...opportunities that have not been seen in the last 10 years. "They don't make any more beachfront" so it is good to get in now for short, middle or long term cannot go wrong.

Turks and Caicos will remain a popular choice for vacationers being only 575 miles from Miami and having a busy international airport bringing in guests from all over the world. The currency is American dollar and the weather is perfect. There is a low crime rate and state of the art communications.

Why not come for a vacation and check out the investment possibilities? For a more definitive guide to planning your Turks and Caicos vacation: Learn traveler's basics, how to get there, how to get around once you're there, where to stay, and what to see and do click on Turks and Caicos Guide.